Wednesday, November 3, 2010


This season I wish us light.

from the humble earthen diya
crafted by the nomad
may we smell the earth and experience the expanse of the light.

This season I wish us light

from the neon signs
from shady streets
may we grace our hearts desires and lightheaded adventure

This season I wish us light

from the starlight night
reflected from the sun and soul
may we know the Indian's secret of giving and receiving from the Universe

This season I wish us light

from the lighthouse
trying to reach us at the speed of light
may we see, may we look and know that there is a lighthouse out there and within looking out for us.

This season I wish us light

from loved ones and hated ones
the sparkle, the reflection, the insight, the enquiry and the inquiry
may we continue to learn , grow and love

This season I wish us light

most of all
from our spirit

Thursday, September 23, 2010

what is

 my skirt lifted knee high
I stepped into the brook

smooth sand and snappy stones
under my feet

away from the nagging everythingness
a moment of blissful nothingness

the koel and me
in conversation

a busy snake
swimming to the sand

little red ants
stitching up mango leaves

and then I let the sand flow out of my fingers
as I sigh foolishly for yesterday and tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


and then you give birth to yourself
a gleeful wonder
glowing face
brows calm and disjoint

to hold and cherish
born to yourself
to the world

to you me and we
a glistening configuration of stars
that you picked

my heart and eyes
at the courage
the beauty

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


She danced
making happy circles with her feet
on the sand.

colourful beads
around her neck
dancing their own dance.

the sea
its own eclectic music
humming to the breeze.

I am getting married today
she told me
her curly hair in a delightful mess.

to whom? I asked
with her for no apparent reason.

to me
she said with a dramatic bow
to MOI

i will write my own vows
like in the movies
except i wont kiss

I will love me
today, tomorrow and forever
through the best and the worst
in sickness and health
when its difficult and when its easy
when I am an angel and when I am a little devil
always and forever.

she looked at me
her six year old face,
and I shed that saved up wedding tear.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wild Grass

I climbed on to a boat that rocked
held on to the post
with all my might

Until i looked at the sea
who smiled
and said "you really dont have to hold on that tight"

the vessel that holds you
is so much larger
that it perhaps is not in sight.

So I stand 
silent and still
swaying with the wild grass
aware that I am defined and undefined.

The Urn

whispers, songs, silences
and much more
hidden in the urn

the evils
pulled out one by one
living in the urn